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An expert technician can ensure that the new furnace that will be installed is properly fitted to the home. Our furnace installation experts will assist every step of the way, from choosing the right size furnace, to determining the type of furnace that is best suited for your home. Whether your new furnace installation is to replace a unit or for an installation in a new home or addition, our reliable professionals can carry out the installation smoothly.

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Furnace installation services in Port St. Lucie, FL I Need The Plumber & Air Conditioning

Furnace Installation Options

These days, there are lots of furnaces that you can choose from. There are many homeowners who choose a furnace that is similar to their old furnace so that it is easy to install it in the home. However, others choose to go with a more energy efficient unit to save them money in the long run. Listed here are the different types of furnaces usually installed in homes today.

Electric Furnace Installation

Electric furnaces are designed with electric heating elements that heat the air. At that point the furnace utilizes a blower to blow the air through the ventilation work and into individual rooms through the vents. Electric furnaces are usually smaller than other types, and may be less expensive to purchase. Yet, depending on the electricity costs in the region, they can be expensive to run.

Gas Furnace Installation

Natural gas furnaces make use of a gas that comes from a municipal line and a burner that ignites this gas as combustion gas. Such process is the one that heats the air that passes through the furnace. Same as the electric, gas units additionally utilize the HVAC pipes to convey warm air all through the home.

Depending on utility prices in your area, you may be able to heat your home less expensively with gas rather than electricity. The potential downside is that gas furnaces typically require more maintenance than electric furnaces. A well maintained gas furnace may give you as much as ten years more use than an electric furnace.

Oil Furnace Installation

Homes that do not have access to natural gas may utilize an oil fueled furnace for heating their home. Over the course of a year, the heating bills may be higher if you choose oil, which is not quite as efficient as gas.

Nowadays, the most common forms of heating are these three type of furnaces. But there are other homes that make use of different ways of heating. If your home lacks built-in ductwork, you’ll need a heat pump, boiler, fireplace, wood stove, or pellet stove to heat your home in the winter. All of these types of units have variable levels of maintenance that are needed, as well as different heating capacities and operating costs.

Signs That You May Need A New Furnace

While furnaces can last for up to 20 years or so, they all eventually wear out and need to be replaced. A trained professional will advise you on the best furnace to meet your home’s heating needs. A qualified expert achieves this by measuring the home to ascertain the best-sized unit for the job. Taking measurements is especially important if your home’s square footage has increased since your current furnace was installed.

Having the right unit can make all the difference in terms of both the cost to operate the machine and its efficiency. There are several possible indicators that your furnace is approaching the point where it will need to be replaced. Some common warning signs are odd smells or strange sounds when the unit is turned on, fluctuating temperatures throughout the home, a rise in monthly energy bills, frequent repair needs, carbon monoxide leaks, or the age of the unit is older than 15 years.

Furnace Installation vs Furnace Repair

Not all furnace issues lead to replacement. Sometimes a furnace repair will take care of the problem. The issue can be examined and accurately diagnosed by an expert. Sometimes a furnace replacement is more cost-effective than repairing an aging furnace.

Even well maintained furnaces will become less efficient over time. While regular tune-ups raise the lifespan and efficiency of a unit significantly, a furnace tends to wear out eventually. After replacing a furnace, homeowners should see a decrease in their heating bills. The aging unit may also need more frequent maintenance, which can add up in a short time, and a new unit can help eliminate these additional costs of repairing.

You must take immediate action to keep your family safe when and if carbon monoxide is detected around your unit. One of the signs of the presence of carbon monoxide there is that there are red flames produced instead of blue flames. This gas can cause people in the home to have nausea, flu-like symptoms and frequent headaches. Unless you call in a professional as soon as you become aware of a leak, it will only get worse. If you end up needing a new furnace, you’ll find that replacing your old, worn out one improves your family’s health.

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