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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality
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Dirt and biological growth inside your heating and cooling system can affect equipment performance and lead to higher utility bills while aggravating asthma, allergies, and other health effects.

Indoor pollution sources that release gases or particles into the air are the primary cause of IAQ problems. Inadequate ventilation can increase indoor pollutant levels by not bringing in enough outdoor air to dilute emissions from indoor sources and by not carrying indoor air pollutants out of the area. High temperature and humidity levels can also increase concentrations of some pollutants.

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What is in my Air?

     Germs & Infectious Agents

Germs and infectious agents are common sources of indoor air pollution. Biological contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, mold, and more, can circulate through the air in your home. There are several ways these germs can get into your home, but one of the most common ways is humidity in the home or the ductwork.

When humidity is high in your Port St. Lucie, FL, home, it becomes a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. Standing water in basements can also contribute to this environment. 

Humidity in air ducts is also common. When air ducts become infected with germs and bacteria, the air forced into your home picks them up and then circulates these contaminants throughout your home.

     Chemical Gasses & Odors

Another common contaminant found in indoor air is chemical gasses and odors. Chemical contaminants are found in a variety of sources. 

Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, are commonly found in commercial and residential environments and are not only a health hazard but often emit strong odors.

VOCs are chemicals that easily evaporate into the air, so they are hard to control without using an indoor air quality solution or removal of the source of the compound. Usually, VOCs are released from products or other materials in homes or offices, including:

  • Cleaning agents
  • Carpeting
  • Fuel
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Fabric
  • Furnishings
  • Caulks and sealants
  • Adhesives
  • Wall coverings
  • Air fresheners

Even if a home or office has proper ventilation that is well maintained, these chemical contaminants can pose health problems and strong odors.

     Particles & Allergens

In addition to chemicals and germs, your indoor air can also be contaminated by particles and allergens. Homes in Port St. Lucie, FL, take in a lot of the air from outside, whether through open doors and windows or your HVAC system.

Even though you may have some sort of existing filtration through your HVAC system, often allergens and particles can still get through. Contaminants like pollen, mold, leaf or tree particles, and even dust mites can contribute to indoor air pollution.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

After reading about all of the different types of indoor air pollutants, you may be wondering how to improve indoor air quality. There are a couple of ways to improve your overall indoor air quality.

First, cleaning your Port St. Lucie, FL, home can go a long way in cutting down on indoor air pollutants. Cleaning hard and soft surfaces, as well as your ductwork, will prevent buildup and get rid of mold or mites that can easily accumulate with the humidity in Florida.

Second, investing in indoor air quality products such as filters can greatly improve your indoor air quality and be a great long-term investment in your home.

Indoor Air Quality Products Can Help You Breathe Better

Many homeowners don’t realize how polluted their indoor air is until they invest in indoor air quality products. Air filtration removes the contaminants lurking in your home and allows you to breathe better and lead a healthier life.

For those who suffer from allergies or have a weakened immune system, indoor air quality products can make a big difference in their quality of life.

Types of Indoor Air Quality Products

No two homes in Port St. Lucie, FL, are the same, so different indoor air quality products may be needed, depending on the situation. Several solutions are available for homeowners to test and treat their indoor air.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

The first step in determining what type of air quality product you may need is indoor air quality testing. The professionals at I Need The Plumber & Air Conditioning will conduct a thorough test of your indoor air before recommending an indoor air quality product.

Polarized Media Cleaners

Polarized media cleaners are a type of home air purification system that fits into the filter racks in your current HVAC system. They collect electronically charged dust particles, which helps create cleaner air in your home.

HEPA Filtration

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are one of the most effective methods to trap bacteria, chemicals, and viruses lurking in your air. HEPA filters are often used in hospitals and other medical facilities because they are so efficient.

UV Air Cleaners

UV air cleaners turn your existing duct system into one single air purifier. The system uses UV oxidation lamps to destroy viruses, mold, and other contaminants. UV air cleaners have a slightly higher upfront cost but can be a great long-term investment in your Port St. Lucie, FL, home.

Indoor Air Quality Products from a Trusted Source in Port St. Lucie

The best air quality solutions address the causes rather than symptoms, using a whole-house indoor air cleaning strategy. Your heating and cooling system move over 1 million cubic feet of air every day through your home. This is the perfect place to address your air quality challenges using products designed to specifically address the three types of airborne contaminants. A whole-house air cleaning system that cleans disinfects, and deodorizes your home 24 hours a day is much more effective than units designed for just a room or two. Click the link below to learn more about our indoor air systems or call our office today to schedule a consultation with one of our expert air conditioning technicians.

Click the link below to learn more about our indoor air systems or give us a call at (772) 337-3222 to schedule a consultation with one of our expert indoor air quality technicians.