Air Conditioning Services in Palm City, FL

AC Services in Palm City, FL

Air conditioning is not a luxury to families in Palm City, Florida. It’s a necessity! If your AC system isn’t cooling your home properly or it has recently suffered a complete breakdown, you can count on I Need the Plumber & Air Conditioning to get your cool air flowing again. Even if nothing seems wrong with your unit now, it’s a good idea to have it regularly serviced so you aren’t caught off guard by a surprise issue in the middle of summer.

Our service experts are ready to handle any AC repair, replacement, or tune-up. Learn more about our various services below.

Air Conditioning System Repair

When it comes to summertime in Florida, AC system failure is not an option. Not only can a broken air conditioner cause uncomfortable indoor temperatures, but it can also leave you and your loved ones at risk for heat exhaustion or heat stroke during the hottest time of year. We understand the urgency of proper air conditioning, which is why our experts are ready to respond to your AC emergency 24/7.

Prevent an untimely AC breakdown by scheduling an annual AC tune-up. During your appointment, our professional technicians will clean the unit and inspect for any wear and tear. They will then offer repair solutions to help you avoid potential issues from occurring in the future. This can help a homeowner stay ahead of part failures and prepare for a total system replacement when needed.

If and when your system experiences an issue, you can call us right away for immediate service. It’s time to call a professional if you experience any of the following issues: water or refrigerant leaking from the unit, loud noises, burning or musty odors coming from your vents, little to no cool air being produced, or general lack of function. In many cases, all it takes is a simple repair to extend the life of your air conditioner. Ignoring an issue, however, can create permanent damage and may require a total replacement to remedy.

New Air Conditioning Installation

With regular maintenance, you can expect your air conditioner to last between 10 and 12 years. After this point, the motor will start to wear out and other expensive internal parts will begin to break down. It often makes more sense to replace your AC than to repair it after the 10-year mark.

By installing a new AC system in your home, you can avoid the frequent and costly repairs of an older unit. New systems are more energy-efficient as well, which can translate into lower monthly energy bills. If you’re considering an AC installation, call us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

Service on Ductwork

Ducts support your HVAC system in more ways than one. Gaps and holes in your ductwork can make your HVAC system work too hard in order to compensate for the air loss. Mold growth can emit a musty smell through the vents. These issues can affect both the efficiency and overall longevity of your system.

Properly fitted and sanitized ducts are essential for getting the most out of your HVAC. If you have noticed a sharp increase in your energy bills or strange smells that don’t go away with regular cleaning, call us for a quick repair, replacement, or duct sanitization service right away.

Go Ductless with Mini-Split AC

No ductwork is no problem for mini-split air conditioning systems. If your home doesn’t have the internal wall space for ducts or you simply want to avoid an invasive and expensive duct installation, a mini-split system could be your answer. This type of air conditioning system is an excellent cooling option for the Palm City area and offers flexible set-up options for homes with unique needs.

One benefit to mini-split air conditioners is that the controls can be set for either an entire home or individual rooms. So, a homeowner can choose to cool a single room or a single zone instead of the whole house at once. This can be especially helpful for bonus spaces such as a work shed or recent addition. Call us to see if ductless mini-split AC is the right solution for your home.

Heat Pumps

Residents of Palm City usually don’t need extensive heating solutions to handle the mild Florida winters. Heat pumps offer more than enough comfort in the winter, while also acting as a cooling system in the summer. These systems also don’t require ducts, so they can work with most home styles. Call us to learn more about heat pumps and see if one is right for you.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

If you spend a lot of time at home, the air you breathe indoors is almost more important than the air you breathe outside. Indoor air pollutants can exacerbate chronic allergies and breathing issues. In high humidity areas like Palm City, quality indoor air filtration is essential for those with breathing sensitivities. Standard HVAC air filters don’t completely rid your home of pollutants and air purifiers may not be a practical solution for every room.

The best way to rid your home of allergens, germs, and other pollutants, is to invest in a whole-home air filtering system. Contact us today to discover which options are available for your home.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call whenever you need HVAC services in Palm City, FL. We offer same-day service for those problems that can’t wait.

Air Conditioning & Heating Services

The experienced team at I Need The Plumber & AC can tackle even the toughest HVAC issues. We will thoroughly assess your AC systems, and offer long-term solutions to problems. We do more than the plugin a new part and hope it works; we fix the issue. We also offer superior air conditioner installation services for units that are too far gone to repair or if you just need an updated model. New technology makes it easier than ever before to install energy-efficient units to save you money in the long run. If you need repairs and other services for your heater, you count on us, too!

Let I Need The Plumber & AC Handle All Your Comfort Needs

We are available 24/7 for emergency AC service, and we would love to be your HVAC contractor of choice. We back all our services and products with 100% guarantees, and our customers love us—just take a look at our glowing reviews online!